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Terror Of The Tongs/Camp On Blood Island--TPTV

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    There's hope for Wawrick Films Zarak yet.


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      In a double bill with Homicial saw at the ABC on 19/11/61.Paid 4/6 so probably sat in the circle.I thought it was very good


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        Originally posted by julian_craster View Post
        Don't forget many people buy DVDs /Blu Rays of films that have already been screened on television, many quite recently...

        Perhaps because they like the film, missed part of it, want a better quality copy, a copy with no ads, or for the disc extras...

        It doesn't follow that a tv screening kills off the DVD market - tv screenings of classics can open up new DVD markets ...
        I agree with you. I have watched films myself that I hadn't heard of, ended up enjoying them, and then bought the DVD/Blu-ray. If you're a Hammer fan, you just can't beat the Indicator Blu-ray releases of Columbia titles and I would never settle for a copy from Talking Pictures.

        Speaking of Talking Pictures, from what I've been hearing about them, the films they'll be showing will probably either be edited, contain 'blurring' scenes, film will begin partway through, or perhaps even change over to another film 20 minutes before the current one has reached the end.


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          I think it was paired with HOMICIDAL as support - a William Castle shocker about murderer who is not the gender you expect......!


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            For me there would be no contest between a good quality DVD or, even better, a Blu-ray, compared with TPTVs low bandwidth transmissions with annoying DOG in the corner of the screen, interrupted by adverts and not necessarily in the correct aspect ratio (and, although it doesn't affect old British films much, in glorious mono sound).


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              Originally posted by orpheum View Post
              In a double bill with Homicial saw at the ABC on 19/11/61.Paid 4/6 so probably sat in the circle.I thought it was very good
              Aaahhh Homicidal, where Helga loses her head !!


              • agutterfan
                agutterfan commented
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                With the special intermission called "Fright Break" (see film poster).

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              Originally posted by daveoc14 View Post
              I think I saw mention on another TPTV thread that TP have recently signed a deal with Columbia and I guess this is the start of the films turning up for viewing. I have to say I'm looking forward to these two as I've never seen them. Hopefully this deal with Columbia will bring us many more unexpected gems. Going by the box set link maybe Stranglers Of Bombay and Yesterdays Enemy might appear before too long.
              Yesterdays Enemy is already on now and again. Not sure if it;s Talking Pictures or Film4. I also would love to see Stranglers of Bombay which I haven't seen for years. I do however have the DVD of Camp on Blood Island
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                Well I have a good copy of Stranglers.If interested in a copy send me a pm


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                  Originally posted by orpheum View Post
                  Well I have a good copy of Stranglers.If interested in a copy send me a pm
                  Many thanks. Just off on holiday , will do so when I get back.


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                    The Blu-Ray box set mentioned earlier does look good! Loads of extras and interviews, etc. You won't be getting those on Talking Pictures. So maybe the exposure on Talking Pictures will just act like an extended trailer for the physical product. People will see the broadcast and either be intrigued or not... if they like the movies enough then they'll be drawn to buying the product. Certainly showing the film once or twice on that channel will reach a lot more people than other forms of advertising. Maybe a load of people will watch and record... but if the additional material is interesting enough, then the physical product will sell better for having had the exposure.


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                      The only DVDs I buy these days are those with worthwhile extras, downloads are now such good quality and readily available that it doesn't make economic sense otherwise.


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                        A few more Columbia titles to look out for on TPTV (to early August). May be others I have not spotted.....


                        The Southern Star

                        The Last Man to Hang

                        Psyche 59

                        Life at the Top

                        Surprise Package

                        Pirates of Blood River H

                        There's a Girl in My Soup

                        Mackenna's Gold (US)

                        You Must Be Joking
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