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Charge of the Light Brigade 1968

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  • Charge of the Light Brigade 1968

    This was screened on film4 a few days ago. Still the cut version it seems as I remember a scene (in a long shot) where a soldier was having his leg amputated when it was shown on the BBC years ago.
    I read about some other scenes that are missing too on the old britmovie forum butare there any other bits missing? Funnily enough it was shown by movies4men recently as well.

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    Shame I missed it, I've been meaning to watch it for a while. Reading the Tennyson at school lives long in the memory! Is there anywhere online I can watch it back?


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      The BBC has the rights to show it on TV, but not stream it, so unlikely. Itunes etc wil allow you to stream it for a price - Amazon video certainly will. Blu Ray is going to set you back £18-£25, depending on what edition. Strangely, the rather striking poster is available a bit cheaper than that! &

      I remember watching it on TV years ago with my dad, who was probably expecting the 1936 version, or at least something with a lot more action, and very quickly got bored. Its a slow satire on Victorian society and class, with the charge at the very end - so not awful, but was a terrible flop at the box office. Andrew Mollo wrote a really good article about 15 years ago in Military Illustrated explaining how he got the costumes and other equipment all together for the shoot, even though he got overruled at times


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        I saw it on YouTube few months ago but I can't find it again. Youtube has an incomprehensible search engine where a particular items can be hidden within the uploaders' cache.


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          Film4 have it now. It was on aagain yesterday and probably next week.
          Movies4Men have it as well. They put a terrible ad break in the middle of a dialogue scene between Hemmings and Trevor Howard
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            Under my profile name on CinemaTreasures is a colour advertisement from 1968 which comes from my archive collective. There are other photos under the Odeon Leicester Square tag which show the marquee presentation. I also have the August 1968 edition of Photoplay complete with 6 page (some colour) feature. Also have in my poster collection the 30 x 40 poster. Its a bit ragged though, having come off the wall of my local Odeon in 1968 without a roller tube to go into!

            Here's my 1968 colour advertisement although I have many from the same year in A4 and A3 black and white.
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              Originally posted by Bonekicker View Post
              ...Its a slow satire on Victorian society and class..
              Yes, a very slow, ham-fisted satire with middle-aged Tony Richardson pretending to be an Angry Young Man.

              But the logistics of this big production must have been overwhelming especially with big-name actors Harrison, Plummer and Harvey pulling out of it.


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                Thanks for the info everyone, I'm sure I can track it down or catch it on TV next time.