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Botany Bay on Talking Pictures.

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  • Botany Bay on Talking Pictures.

    A film I saw as a kid gets a very rare showing on Talking Pictures this coming Saturday 16th May at 9pm. Botany Bay (1952) stars James Mason as a Captain Bligh type and Alan Ladd with Patricia Medina and Cedrick Hardwicke. I loved it as a kid . If it has been shown on TV before it must have been years ago.

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    According to James Mason, he only accepted his role in Botany Bay on condition he didn't have to take off his shoes or stand in a trench when next to Alan Ladd. Apparently he was assured he wouldn't need to do that as the film was the last under Ladd's contract with Paramount and they weren't bothered about his height, or lack of it, any more!