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Philips BDP 2501 Blu-ray DVD player

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  • Philips BDP 2501 Blu-ray DVD player

    I just received one for a Christmas gift. I had been using a Philips BDP 2100. This BDP 2501 has very few apps. If you are looking for a basic no frills Blu-ray DVD player, it OK. Is it possible to install new apps into this player?
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    No clue, in fact i wasnt really aware Philips (or who actually makes them these days) even did a blu ray. The model seems to be more a US thing, but as long as it works and plays European discs, thats OK.

    blu rays tend to not have that many apps, in part because the average blue ray of three years ago was pretty much the seme as the one four years ago. Blu ray was sort of overtaken by smart TVs and streaming, so you might get Iplayer, Amazon and netflix, plus some strange stuff you likely dont want. On the whole, probably not worth the hassle.

    Use it as a player for your dvds and blu rays, and if you want smart up your TV (assuming its not smart already), then an Amazon firestick is available for a really low price until the new year. Its about £15 for the basic one, which isnt much less than i paid for the slightly more advanced one on Black Friday. It also uses an HDMI, and i just flick between my Sony blu ray, the firestick and a chrome cast using a 3 way switch to my monitor.


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      Unfortunately this particular Philips BDP 2501 was manufactured for the Canada/U.S.A. market. I don’t think this BDP 2501 has a European version. It is OK for playing region one DVD’s and Blu-ray dvd discs. It will also play CD’s. Not that keen of listening to music through a telly speaker.


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        Originally posted by Eric7885 View Post
        It will also play CD’s. Not that keen of listening to music through a telly speaker.
        All Blu-Ray and DVD players can play CDs. If you don't want to listen to them via your TV you buy one that has analogue or digital audio outputs and connect to an appropriate amplifier or powered speakers.


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          Also, a DVD player will often cost much less than a dedicated CD player !