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Playing DVDs on a PC, streaming to a Kindle Fire

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  • Playing DVDs on a PC, streaming to a Kindle Fire

    This sub-forum needed a thread.

    I've been looking for this in various places and haven't found the answer yet.

    Can I use my PC and its disk drive, as a server that will send the movie to my Kindle Fire. I have a load of DVDs that my wife would like to watch in bed without the hassle of setting up the removable disk drive into her laptop. Can I stream via the wi-fi to the kindle?

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    I think an app like Splashtop can do this. You need it on your computer and Kindle,

    In this video a hyper american guy explains it rather quickly. Constant pausing is required, but it does seem possible.

    Chris W


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      Thanks Taphonomy, I watched the video and gave it a go.
      It worked pretty well, but there were small pauses which were rather annoying. I might play around with some settings to see if I can improve that. I'll come back if I find anything that works.