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Expert advice on a Xbox 360 PC problem

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  • Expert advice on a Xbox 360 PC problem

    This is a strange one the problem is that everytime I use my Xbox 360 with my spare HD lead my PC has to be rebooted as it goes into black screen. I have to admit that it has me stumped, my television is a Philips and has two Hd ports so I can't understand what is happening. Please help me as I need to turn the plug off in the mains just to get the PC started again and I'm afraid that one day it will be the last, thanks for any replies.

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    Can you clarify that the xbox is connected to the tv via hdmi, and so is your pc?

    I couldn't tell you what's up with the PC, but I would certainly swap out the old hdmi lead - even a Poundland one will work fine, although Amazon basics are the ones I use, but it could be a problem with the tv handling the other lead, but hitting the PC instead.


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      Yes they are both connected to two separate HD ports on the television and the TV shows them as HDMI 1 and 2 also I have replaced the cables just in case and t still happens. I know this sounds silly but I've even seen on online that a HDMI cable has an in and out side which I never thought possible but it seems it's true. The TV is about 12 years old and works fine with everything else I just can't understand this problem. Thank you for the reply Bonekicker.


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        If the PC goes into a black screen, I wou
        d find out what that state was - and you can only assume that the Xbox is causing it in some way, perhaps by shorting it out, etc.

        If you have changed the leads, then it must be one of the three boxes involved. Have a Google of ' Xbox shorts out pc's- there are some possibly similar answers there.

        since you TV is 1w years old, could I ask what size? There are some pretty good deals around at the moment (world cup, clearances, etc), and you might do well. They will have 3 or 4 hdmi as standard, and will be networkable, so no need to physically connect a pc.


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          It is a mystery? I'm going to unplug everything and perhaps re-cable the HDMI ports and see what happens. It is a 42" Philips and I also have a dvd player connected by audio in and out to the actual tv here's hoping and I'll let you if they work, meanwhile thank you for the suggestions.,


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            Your Xbox has a DVD player in it (The Xbox one has a blue ray) so if you are short of hdmi sockets, you could just double up with that.

            sounds like it's shorting out somewhere.


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              Thanks again.