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Can anyone recommend a good tablet

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  • Can anyone recommend a good tablet

    Get up with my troublesome Kindle,anyone go t any recommendations

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    "Nothing works faster than Anadin"

    So use nothing



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      What about glue


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        I am typing this on a Samsung Tab A, which is Android, and works fine. I notice that although my kids both have Kindles, they keep grabbing this instead, even though they seem to just be playing games.

        We already have Samsung phones, and the Tab pretty much a big version of those, so it's easy for us to use. However, when I was looking, one of my colleagues pointed out that the Lenovo tab has a better chip and display than the IPad, but is a lot cheaper, and is Android.

        You pays your money, etc, but clearances and sales will start in about 2 weeks, so you might get one on deal or clearance.
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          Thanks for that info.I am now on my third Kindle and they have too many repeating problemss.I am not prepared to return to factory settings or to ask for a new machine under warranty.I just want a fab which is 100% reliable and won't constantly give me problems


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            Kindles are generally cheap and cheerful, but you are very much tied into their ecosystem and its sold as such.

            I was thinking of getting a tablet anyway, but a sick laptop and a need to have so etching that you can type a letter on pushed me to get one. My Tab A 10.1 inch costs £229 at the moment full price (I got discount). I added a small blue tooth keyboard, a cover and 128gb in micro sd extra memory.

            Have a look I a proper shop, think ahead as to what you will need in a year (my phone is short of memory for music, hence the largish sd card), and find one that's right for you. Take your mobile with you as well - if you like how your phone works, then it's a good template for a tablet. And Ipads are not cheap, but they are good.


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              I only recommend Apple products, check out iPad Pro 10.5 is one of the best devices.


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                Me too it has to be Apple in everything. Nothing comes near it.


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                  Yes but I don't really feel the need to spend £400.Probably try a Samsung.
                  To johnomar please notet i didn't want to fork out £400 so I bought a Samsung
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                    For a few years I was using Samsung, but they breakdown frequently. I now have been using Apple products. Apple products are more expensive, but, they last longer. But, I suppose we all have our preferences.