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Can't make grabs from a particular disc.

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  • Can't make grabs from a particular disc.

    I've been using VLC successfully for ages but finding it impossible to make grabs from a particular disc. There doesn't appear to be anything 'wrong' with the disc for it will play in disc player I own and it will play in my Apple computer (if using their 'DVD Player') but of course in neither of those situations can I make grabs.

    If I use VCL to run the disc I can see a sort of opening screen which includes a 'Play Film' button and when I click on that I get a screen saying the film has been made of the best elements available. As that message fades from the screen the disc stops playing. I tried to play it multiple times but it's always the same result. The disc is headed 'Metro Goldwyn Meyer Limited Edition Collection'. On the back it notes 'This disc is expected to play back in DVD Video "play only" devices, and may not play in other DVD devices, including recorders and PC drives.' Well the film will play, fully, when using the Apple 'DVD Player' and partially, for what it's worth (basically nothing), when using VLC. Any ideas what's going on? Or how to make grabs?

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    Make a grab by stopping at the point in the film you want, then take a screen shot by pressing "Print Screen" on the top row of your keyboard. Then go into a graphics software app such as Photoscape and press Ctrl_v to load the copied image into the program. Then save it. You will have to crop the image first to get rid of the background that shows your "desktop" screen. It's well worth getting a graphics software program and learning a few tricks, such as reducing the brightness on a screenshot and sharpening the image.


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      If you have Windows 10, you may have 'Paint 3D' already installed. My PC came with it, although it's the more basic version rather than the advanced one. However you'll still be able to make grabs and crop them as you wish, and then save them accordingly.


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        A couple of options ...
        - make the DVD into a video file, using either MakeMKV or Vidcoder (or aviDemux if you're a little more brave). Screen grabs from the played .mp4 file
        - use Daum PotPlayer as your video player (for either the DVD or a converted file). Ctrl+G activates the capture operation, set your preferences, then click the Start button to begin capture(s)


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          I imagine that none of these suggestions work on a Mac. Christopher doesn't mention whether he has access to a Windows operating system, either via Boot Camp or similar, or via an actual PC.

          VLC is now up to version 3.0.8 so check that you have the latest version.

          I don't have any suggestions for Mac screen grabs as I've always found that VLC just worked whenever I've had a need to create any, and it's been a fair few years since I did.


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            Thanks for the replies.

            I'll begin with Garth:-
            The disc will only play when using the Apple 'DVD Player' and when using that you cannot make grabs. The is no 'Print Screen' on my keyboard but typing 'shift/command/4' you can make grabs. However, when using Apple 'DVD Player' all you grab is an empty space, no image just grey or white.

            I have an Apple computer.

            I have no idea how to make a dvd into video file.

            I do not have access to a PC. Isn't Windows a PC thing? My VLC is the latest version and I can make grabs from other discs.

            I noticed that no one had any comment about how I could get the opening screen with the 'Play Film' button and then a screen referring to the film being made of the 'best elements' available? Does that sound odd.


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              Don't you have a friend or relative with a PC who can help you out? You need to put the disc in a PC drive then copy it to your hard drive. Then use one of Arthur's suggestions to convert the file to another format, probably mp4. I think I used "Handbrake", years ago, to convert a troublesome home-recorded DVD to another format, then I was able to watch it freely on my PC.

              If you don't know how to do these things, try looking up some videos on YouTube. There are "how to" videos on all sorts of subjects on YouTube.