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    Do all Blu ray/DVD Combo sets have the DVD version that have all the features the Blu ray has or does the DVD just have the main film with no special features with it?

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    It depends. I've seen both scenarios. Any particular title in mind?


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      Originally posted by Wearysloth View Post
      . Any particular title in mind?
      No particular title really,Just wondered if I come across a film I want to get and the DVD has special features on it (as opposed to a disc that does not 0 and it is only available as part of Blu ray combo then I will get it for the DVD.


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        So apart from one answer to my post no one knows about Blu ray/DVD Combo sets then?


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          I only have a couple, oddly they have different special features for each, probably because the Blu-Ray is a new restored edition and the DVD an older previous release. As Wearysloth said, it depends on the title. Check on the sellers/distributors site, or a Blu-Ray review like DVD Beaver.
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