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The Magus (1968)

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  • The Magus (1968)

    Now released on Blu-Ray (oddly, amazon didn't forewarn me of April release): and

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    Many thanks for the info. Although I've read the book, strangely enough I've never seen the film. I will definitely be getting a copy of this. It is certainly a film that hasn't been on TV a great deal. Infact I can't ever remember when it was last aired.


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      Originally posted by oddbodjunior View Post
      Infact I can't ever remember when it was last aired.
      It has to be around the 1980's (probably early 80's) when I last saw this film.....I know I was still a youngster at the time. I may well buy this title, as although I have definitely seen it, I can't remember that much about it - crazy though that sounds.


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        The BBC Genome website of Radio Times listings up to 2009 shows it was UK TV Premiered on BBC1 on Monday 1 August 1977 @ 21:25 and then shown for a second and final time (again on BBC1) on Friday 19 August 1983 @22:50 (which is when I saw it). I don't recall any other channel showing it since then.

        I've been told that this new Blu-Ray is already selling for only £6 in branches of FOPP (if you can find one of their few locations).


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          Great book...disappointing movie.