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    My point was that nobody else could tell the difference either. So what's the point of Blu-Ray unless you have a TV the size of your wall?
    Actually, you said that neither you or people you asked could tell the difference - which isn't perhaps a very wide sample. And since the format/screen resolution has been a round for a decade or more, most people who use it are happy with what they are seeing. Does HD generally look better than SD to most people, even on a relatively small screen? The answer is generally yes.

    As a relative newcomer to blu-ray, with the exception of the Alien box-set, I haven't replaced any DVD's with blu-rays - simply because it would cost me a fortune and I'm perfectly happy with the DVD anyway. Any new titles I purchase however will be on blu-ray.

    I have to say as well in comparison, I can compare the Alien films in both formats and on my 43" screen, the blu-rays look stunning. The DVD set is great, no question of that, and I've spent many happy hours watching them since I bought them about the time when DVD's came out. The blu-ray on the other hand has more detail and I don't doubt the difference would probably be more noticeable on a much larger screen to the one I have.
    Agreed - although I have occasionally been tempted to upgrade - LA Confidential was a must have after seeing it in HD on the BBC, Moonraker/Some Like It Hot/Bridge Too Far were cheap enough at CEX to justify, and The Three/Four Musketeers supplemented the Region 1 Anchor Bay box set I've got, because I was sure that the old multi-region DVD player was starting to act up. Or that was my excuse.

    Remember that since your blu ray player is upscaling your DVD's, so they are going to look better as well, so the difference might be rather less than you'd expect between the two formats.

    Of course, 4K is way better still. I spoke to some customers this week who'd bought a 49in 4K Samsung set on a Black Friday deal last year (and to be perfectly honest, slightly below the decent entry model I'd have picked out for them), who'd been using it with Netflix/Amaxon on 4K. 'Its like being there' was her description, which mirrors other feedback. The Crown clips I've seen are looking stunningly good. I've got Bladerunner on DVD and Blu Ray, but both it and Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon are on 4K disc/Amazon prime Video, and I'd love to watch those. We've long thought at work that if the Star Wars boxet comes out on 4K disc, we will move a lot of players!


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      Originally posted by Odeonman View Post
      However, you do have to be careful, many blu-rays are no better than a DVD due to inferior transfers and some actually are worse (my DVD of Where Eagles Dare is much sharper and brighter than the unrestored Blu-ray).
      That's exactly what you have to look out for. I have recently purchased a couple of the Hammer titles from Studio Canal on blu-ray (the ones that I didn't already have on DVD), and have been pleased with them. I was almost going to buy Rasputin the Mad Monk as I don't even have this on DVD. However, every single review said the sound was truly awful and sounded very tinny indeed compared with the DVD. The picture quality on the other hand was superb by all accounts.

      I agree when you say the large format movies should look great on blu-rays. I'm really tempted to buy Ben Hur (Charlton Heston) on blu-ray as my previous DVD for some reason developed a fault and refused to play after about 20 minutes into the film.


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        Originally posted by Bonekicker View Post
        Remember that since your blu ray player is upscaling your DVD's, so they are going to look better as well, so the difference might be rather less than you'd expect between the two formats.
        Yes that's true. I was still watching on my old CRT set when I bought the Alien set on DVD. When playing them on the blu-ray player (with new HD TV), they did look very good admittedly - possibly even better than on my old TV. However, the blu-rays of these movies are brilliant. I must point out that my Indiana Jones box set on DVD looks terrific played back on the blu-ray player, but as you say, it's upscaling the disc and much as I love those films, I don't think I'll be buying the blu-rays unless they're really cheap.
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          Speaking of horrors from the 70s on Netflix, there's a full list here:

          And as you can see there is not much available unfortunately...

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