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Ghost in the Water (1982)

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  • Ghost in the Water (1982)

    The classic ghost story, Ghost in the Water (based on the Book, by Edward Chitham), is due to be released on DVD, on February 5th 2018 -

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    I'm starting to notice a trend with many of these new releases.. a low-quality version of a rare TV drama/series will appear either on YouTube or the black market circuit, and within a few years, either Network, SimplyMedia or BBC release a remastered version. I'm not complaining! there's nothing more that I like seeing than an official release of some long forgotten series or drama, but it's almost like they need to be forced into releasing these titles, for fear of losing revenue. Take Ghost in The Water for example, this appeared on YouTube about 18 months back, it has now been removed and voila! it's released on DVD. It's the same for The Changes, Penda's Fen, Red Shift, Schalken The Painter, Ghost Story for Christmas, The Frighteners, Out of The Unknown etc. One wonders if all the aforementioned titles would ever have seen the light of day if it wasn't for all those dodgy copies being traded, back and forth?