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Shadow of Death & Mrs Amworth (Rare Chills) DVD

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    Originally posted by tv horror View Post
    I read recently that all that had existed was a recording made on a Phillips 1500 video recorder and that a 16mm copy was found by Jack's son in the attic and that is the copy used for the DVD release. I've just bought a copy myself and I'm really looking forward to viewing it what a treat. Thank you Kelp for giving your blessing.
    Hi, just a little snippet of info/trivia, only of interest to film fans. I revisited the location of The Shadow Of Death yesterday, and Oh my! When we filmed there it was a derelict old house in a wood; is a beautiful baronial home. I am attaching two pictures, one a grainy old black & white photograph, and the other taken when we visited a few hours ago. Thanks. Kelp.


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      Love the idea of just half a dozen estate cars turning up at a location, and there being just one bloke with a camera on a tripod and a few sound men.. that's how it should be! you get a much more realistic, non-manufactured feel to the film too this way.. which is crucial in the horror genre.