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Dr Who - Fury from the Deep (1967)

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  • Dr Who - Fury from the Deep (1967)

    Missing six part serial starring Patrick Troughton as the Second Doctor, animated. To be released Sept 14th,

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    I've found the animation in some of these releases to be distinctly dodgy, especially when "difficult" scenes are edited out, re-imagined images are conjured up and it's done in colour. Personally, my preference is for telesnaps with the complete original soundtrack.


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      Yes the animation is simplistic in nature and I agree that it could be improved yet I suppose that we are lucky that we are still getting to see it in some form. I'm lucky that I was a Dr Who fan from the beginning and still remember the original version, let's be honest I never knew about repeats that luxury came later. Who knew? That most early television was a one and done event.


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        Yes, I watched it from the start too and so saw just about all of the "lost" episodes. Ironically, the first repeat of DOCTOR WHO was a week after the first episode: that episode was shown again before episode 2 as it was thought that President Kennedy's assassination may have made people miss "An Unearthly Child". I remember being puzzled by the repeat and then being delighted when "The Cave of Skulls" started up.