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  • The Runaways

    Mark Addy and Tara Fitzgerald are currently in Whitby filming The Runaways, written and directed by Richard Heap.

    ‘The Runaways’ is the uplifting and atmospheric story of three young siblings who after their father’s death decide to run away in order to evade social services so they can remain together. They embark on a hazardous journey in search of their estranged mother, rescuing the donkeys from the family’s donkey ride business along the way. The film is ultimately a celebration of childhood and the importance of home and family ties. It is expected to be in cinemas in mid May 2018.

    Here they are filming a night scene in The Elsinore in the middle of the day! The magic of the movies, eh?

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    A couple more photographs of Runaways currently being filmed on the beach at Whitby.

    The pictures are used with full permission of Ceri Oakes Photography.