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The Bourne films

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    Jane Fonda seemed to be hot property on a solid upward trajectory prior to the Hanoi visit?
    Its true that she didnt have a hit film between 1971 and 1977, and did blame the backlash from her political activism for her being 'greylisted'. She then changed her mind on that a bit, but there was probably some truth that she didnt offered the sort of work that she might have otherwise (although she was largely still doing one film a year, which had been her work tempo for a while). On the other hand, some of those films were pretty political or just crud. Losey's A Dolls House wasnt exactly a big bucks populist hit, but that was never on the cards.Steelyard Blues,(which I have never got around to seeing, although it has a Catalina in it) looks like one of those New Hollywood films which was cool but didnt quite hit. And The Blue Bird was garbage, and well know as a flop of the first order (there is a chapter on it in one of the Medved books). Perhaps she was just unlucky, plus didnt get offered the sort of roles she might have done..

    Fun with Dick and Jane is an enjoyable fun movie - and it made money. And Coming Home is a 'serious' movie that made Oscars, and made money. And from 1978 to 1982, she was always in the top ten moneymakers.

    Elinor Glyn (who was earning megabucks in the early 20s churning out stuff in Hollywood and inventing 'It') was asked, after Arbuckle had just been found guilty (for the first time), what Hollywood would do. 'Whatever makes the most money' she replied. And she was right. Hollywood is a business town ( KCRW has excellent weekly film/TV show -which is called 'The Business'). And thats how its run.

    A reliable moneymaker is what a business wants, especially in a world where you can have a megahit one week, and a megaflop the next. Its all about the gross. And gross gets you the gross on opening weekend, you will make more of them!
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      If there's nothing better to make they'll probably continue sequel after sequel. The next one will probably be, Bourne Free, then Bourne on the Fourth of July, Natural Bourne Killers and A Star is Bourne,


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        Originally posted by Eric7885 View Post
        Matt Damon is getting to old for his portrayal of Jason Bourne.
        What, Jason Bourne never aged ? Much better "continuity" with the same actor than a James Bond-esque collection of films.


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          Originally posted by Bonekicker View Post

          Its true that she didnt have a hit film between 1971 and 1977,
          She only made six films during that perod that's why,