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Johnny English Strikes Again

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  • Johnny English Strikes Again

    I am sure you all have your Arsenal programme from today,advertising the release,or escape,of this film on October 5.

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    These sequels will go on and on (usually with diminishing quality ? ) , when the previous films are very profitable


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      I despised the first one when it came out but, on a re-watch, I rather enjoyed it! The second one, too!


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        A character born from a credit card advertisement, I think. Great idea, I wish Atkinson had started the films earlier. I might try to see this one on the big screen.


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          Saw it yesterday. Not bad, although not exactly rib tickling. Lets just say that it didnt have a huge number of surprises.Amiably amusing is a fair description.

          I did notice that someone was referencing old films - there is a bit straight out of The Man That Knew Too Much, and English in a suit of armour is a bit Clouseau. And Olga Kurylenko was of course in Quantum of Solace.

          There is also a bit where Michael Gambon, Charles Dance and Edward Fox all appear, as former agents. The photo attached to Fox's file is exactly the same as the one used in The Day of the Jackal.
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            I didn't think much of it, I thought MR BEAN STRIKES AGAIN might have been a more apt title. Ah well, you can't please everyone.

            I did like the Micheal Gambon, Charles Dance and Edward Fox scene though, that was good.

            One bit of trivia. The car chase around the mountains in the south of France was on the same road as the chase in GOLDENEYE. The whole scenes was practically copied, perhaps on purpose, even down to passing the bunch of cyclists.


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              The scene with him dancing was very Bean (Which I generally can't stand, although my kids love it..)

              We both seem to have been a bit underwhelmed, and although my kids laughed at it, we were all taken aback by some of the gales of laughter from some members of the audience - it wasn't that funny, or perhaps they just don't get out much.


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                Ill have to go see it now that the Goldeneye locations are in it