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  • The Aeronauts

    Opening today starting Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne.A UK/USA production.

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    Apparently a dog gets thrown out of a balloon, so will likely give that one a miss..


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      And is that a dog on orpheum's avatar? It's hard to know. He/she must be very secretive.


      • orpheum
        orpheum commented
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        Yes it's our Mitzi.She's a 4 year old Chihuahua,who often looks around the post at the top of the stairs.She is looking over my shoulder as I write this

      • garth
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        Sweet! Say hello to her for me. :-)

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      Lovely film, well-acted by the leads, beautifully photographed and nicely told. Only a passing connection with the historical truth, but hey, its cinema so who cares? Well, a lot of people on IMDB seem to, but they are missing a really enjoyable couple of hours by confusing stories for documentaries.

      Oh, and rest assured no dogs were harmed during the making of the film, so nothing to offend the faint-hearted.