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  • Dunkirk

    Just looked up listings for this film at my local,Phoenix East Finchley.It is showing in 35mm.Is this a one off?Any particular reason why?

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    Christopher Nolan's push for quality in sustaining film. This is just the second 35mm print in the UK that I have heard of, the other being at the Harbour Lights, Southampton. There may be a few more.

    There are a few 70mm prints around too.

    My advice : "Go for it"


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      Also in 35mm at

      Barbican, London
      AMC Manchester
      Grosvenor, West End, Glasgow
      Odyssey, Belfast
      Hyde Park, Leeds
      Curzon, Clevedon, Somerset
      Ritzy Picturehouse, Brixton
      Plaza, Truro
      Kino, Leven, Fife
      Cameo, Edinburgh
      Duke of York, Brighton
      Picturehouse, York
      Picturehouse at FACT, Liverpool

      So quite a few cinemas in the Picturehouse chain stlll have 35mm capabilities and are showing DUNKIRK that way.

      I'll look out for more

      35mm prints are 2.39 anamorphic Scope extracted from 70mm IMAX source.
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