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Cinemas reopening on 4th July

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  • Cinemas reopening on 4th July

    At long last I can go back to see a film in the cinema.Anybody got any recommendations on the new releases

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    Our cinemas are reopening too, but I'm hesitant to go in one! All patrons have to wear masks and every other seat is closed so that's good news.

    Re: new releases: I've heard that SHIRLEY about the writer Shirley Jackson (The Lottery) is excellent with Elizabeth Moss. A dark film but apparently well done, excellent script, director and cinematographer. If you ever see it, let me know and I'll send you a link to the terrific virtual Q&A the cast, et al had a few days ago.


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      Originally posted by theuofc View Post
      Our cinemas are reopening too, but I'm hesitant to go in one! All patrons have to wear masks and every other seat is closed so that's good news.

      When the Cov-19 thing first took the stage a few months ago I followed the advice about social distancing and also stayed home as much as possible, but I still got zapped by it, (I presume the bloody thing just floats through the air o'er vales and hills) but luckily the symptoms were relatively mild so I never bothered staggering to a doctor, and it eventually cleared up on its own after a few weeks.
      Meanwhile I'd self-isolated and had regular shipments of jelly babies delivered from Tesco, and binge-watched my boxed set of 'Survivors' (1975) vids.

      For the record the virus attacked me via my eyeballs (so a mask wouldn't have blocked it) and my eyes went a dramatic Dracula-type red (conjuctivitis), accompanied by sniffly nose, headache, alternate shivering and feverish spells and a semi-delirious haywire sleep pattern.

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        Thanks for that alert re: covid-19 and the eyes. I'm glad you survived it! I've worried about it attacking the eyes, and at first I wore clear goggles + a mask. Or I should say, I tried one of those clear face shields and got so many stares I chickened out and stopped wearing it. Then I tried goggles + a mask, similar reaction. But I refused to bow to reactions. I've stuck with the goggles and mask if I have to go into a confined space like the store or the post office. I don't wear the goggles only the mask for walking outside where I can keep social distance and am not in a confined space with air filled with possible covid-particles that doesn't circulate. Too much? Maybe, but as you note, Covid can strike in many ways and many degrees of severity. I am hoping not to get it. Best wishes.
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      Good that you survived it, Eyeball. It tends to go for the older folk, but you're up and running again. Bravo!


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        I'm thinking of going to see "The Jazz Singer". I figure these new-fangled "talking" pictures could be the future of cinema!
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          Covid won't get him..-


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            I got conjunctivitis after the second week or so of lockdown - I'd had an outbreak of cold sores the week before so I put it down to stress (I was, and continue to be, very worried about my 91 year old mother who lives in a care home and who I've not seen since 8 March). Now I'm wondering if I might have had CV-19 but been otherwise asymptomatic.

            I've worked all the way through this thing (I'm a postwoman) but no one's caught anything from me to my knowledge. I have been in rude health other than stress-related eczema, cold sores and conjunctivitis. Thankfully not so much as a sniffle, and I usually get at least one summer cold in a year.

            I hope you are thriving now after your bout of CV-19.

            Conjunctivitis is horrible but for me antibiotic eye drops cleared it up a treat.


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              The BFI has just announced that the BFI Southbank is reopening on 1st September
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                Here in Ontario we are now in stage 3. As for cinemas, they are still closed. Drive-in theatres are doing a lot of business.


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                  I hear on the news (BBC World Service) that they’re closing the cinemas again in California. So much for Trumpety Trump’s good news.