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Network Sale

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  • Network Sale

    New Network summer sale
    seems the site has already frozen with traffic

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    Thanks for the tip. These people are cheaper than Amazon. I have been looking for a copy of "The Ghost Goes West" only £3.85 here and free delivery.


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      Sale currently on. Ends October 30th.


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        Yes, I’ve recently bought (for £14:40) the complete and excellent series of “The Mind of Mr J.G. Reeder” from Network, a Thames Television series transmitted between 1969 and 1971 with Hugh Burden as the mild mannered but clever Reeder and Willoughby Goddard as his bellowing (“REEDAAAAAAH!”) and bullying boss at the Director of Public Prosecutions Sir Jason Toovey. Eight episodes in the 1969 series and eight episodes in the 1971 series and all thoroughly entertaining. Now I expected that the 1969 series would be in black and white, as ITV didn’t go over to all colour until 1970. But amazingly, only two out of the eight videotaped episodes in the 1971 series are in colour. Perhaps they all were in colour originally, but only black and white versions have survived. On the distaff side, Networks multiple disc DVD cases are dreadfully designed. As it always does, it took me a good twenty minutes to extricate each disc from their truly awful spindles, giving me very sore thumbs in the process. Once out, I then keep each disc in a polythene CD / DVD wallet. If I were to click them back onto those spindles, they'd probably stay clicked in for good.
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          DBF, Series 2 of The Mind of Mr J.G. Reeder was made at the time of ITV's colour strike, which also affected the early recordings of Budgie and Upstairs, Downstairs. I suspect the colour episodes were taped when it ended.

          Will we ever see a 50% Network Sale again? One was 60%. I've waited three years for the second season DVDs of Justice, Fraud Squad and New Scotland Yard to come down to below £13 (less than a pound per episode) and am again feeling disappointed. On the plus side, £4.19 is a great price for films with a running time of at least 80 minutes but it seems unfair that customers should pay the same for Edgar Wallace movies less than an hour long.
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            Thanks for the info about the ITV colour strike, cornershop. I didn’t know about that. I never saw the series when it was originally transmitted because it was shown on Wednesday nights and my days off at my cinema projectionist job in those days were on Friday’s. However, I must have seen trailers for it at the time, because I was familiar with it.

            I am considering buying the Network sets for “The Four Just Men” and “Interpol Calling” before the sale ends, even though I shall be a bit short at the end of this month because I will have to pay the £300 credit card bill for this new Laptop I bought on September 3rd, when I had that terrible accident with my other Laptop. I wonder whatever happened to Hire Purchase. You have to buy everything outright these days and why are there no computer rental shops like Radio Rentals used to be? Then they would have repaired my old Laptop for free and I wouldn’t have to spend £300 on a new one. However, I don’t relish the thought of struggling to get “The Four Just Men” and “Interpol Calling” discs out of those damned DVD cases.


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              It would help if it you could log in as an existing customer.


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                I have no problem logging in as an existing customer, Gerald. In fact, I just bought the “Interpol Calling” DVD set today and it’s already on its way to me.


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                  Thanks, DBF; it seems to have been a browser issue which I have now resolved.