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James Bond poster sale at Sotheby's

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  • James Bond poster sale at Sotheby's

    From the Guardian.

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    That's a bit premature, indeed cold and mercenary. Sean isn't yet cold in his grave. I hope for decency's sake they donate some of the proceeds to the charity Scottish International Educational Trust, which he co-founded.


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      I'm sure that it was planned long before his death.


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        As Nick says, these auctions are planned a very long time in advance , especially for the likes of Sothebys, bonhams, etc.

        i collect film posters, but learned very ealy on that certain subjects or films are so desirable in the market that there is no way that I can afford them.

        Star Wars, cult classics (the cost of an original poster of Night of the Demon or Assault on Precinct 13 are eyewatering), Carry On (there used to be a 2nd hand book shop in Borehamwood which had a poster of one of the really rubbish ones, and it was mega expensive back in 2001), and Bond are all in that category.

        Bond isnt just iconic, its also about the number of different posters even for the same film - there is a great book on them which demonstrates the different designs used for different markets. If your a collector, you want the lot. And since posters are by their nature ephemera, made of paper and thus not designed to survive in mint condition for decades, prices are high.

        I have one Bond poster, which is a US A advance poster for Moonraker I got a couple of years ago. If i get another one, its really really going to cost. If my wife has any say, thats going to be a no!


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          I have some rare shows on youtube on james bond i collected these as i worked at pinewood when they were making For Your Eyes Only