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Cut line from The Happiest days of your life (1950)

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  • Cut line from The Happiest days of your life (1950)

    I've just watched the comedy The Happiest Days of Your Life on the BBC iplayer, it's there until the 16th march, and there's a scene about 44 minutes in where Alastair Sim is teaching some schoolboys in the hallway of the school and he says 'What do you propose we ought to do with trumpet?' just as he says that Margaret Rutherford drags a schoolgirl in front of him and the girl turns to say something but whatever she says is cut from the film. There's just a shot of Alastair Sim looking crestfallen. Does anyone know what the missing line is?

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    In my old copy of the film, Michael, we only see the schoolgirl Margaret give a quick look at Alastair Sim as she is dragged past him then we cut to a close-up of his exasperated face and we hear Margaret Rutherford OOV ticking her off, i.e. the schoolgirl doesn't say anything.


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      Yes, I've got the DVD of this film and it's exactly as Gerald Lovell describes. She says nothing.


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        [FONT=arial]Perhaps a confusion of trumpet and crumpet that was considered risque?[/FONT]


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          Or maybe confusing trumpet with strumpet? :)



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            I was imagining the girl made some sort of smart reply that the film censor cut out. But maybe it was all in my own head. A week of detention and a hundred lines for me I think.


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              There is a line like that in "The Wild Geese". Richard Burton explains his flight (British Airways Concord) to meet Sir Edward Matherson and refers to the "Rushed Meal" on the plane. I'm no lip reader but he don't say rushed meal. Derogatory would be my guess and its removal so as to not upset BA.


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                Interesting about The Wild Geese - never noticed that. I'll have to check it out.


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                  I'll bet he'd have said something worse if he'd have flown by Ryanair !!!