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The Good Old Days TV Show

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  • The Good Old Days TV Show

    I am trying to track down the episode that included a couple of amazing acrobats ( I really do believe certain parts of the audience were terrified) and a final song ' When I leave the World behind' ( a female singer). The episode was recently shown but I missed out on catch up.

    Can someone please help?

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    Lorne Lesley sang 'When I leave the World behind' on the episode dated July 20th, 1973
    No acrobats though...
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      Wearysloth, thank you very much indeed. The acrobats must have been a different episode, my mind is playing games with me. Would it be too much to ask which (repeated) episodes did have acrobats?


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        Could it be these two amazing performers? The acrobatics starts around 4.00 minutes..



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          Not this one Edward G but what an act. I enjoyed watching it and thanks very much for posting.


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            I'll have another look Roddy.
            I recorded many of the recent repeats onto DVD, so I could well have it - will check tonight.
            The diversity (and downright oddness!) of some of the great variety turns is what I love about "The Good Old Days" as well as the audience involvement.

            [QUOTE=Roddy;n45607]Not this one Edward G but what an act. I enjoyed watching it and thanks very much for posting.[/QUOTE]


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              Great shows and thinking about it yes sometimes pretty odd. My Leeds based favourite aunt and uncle attended a few shows, they loved dressing up for the occasion. They must have been to the earlier shows because it was a good 50 or 60 years ago. Wow, scary. I never did see them in the audience though and because my mother was so intent on spotting them we saw more of the audience than the acts themselves. Oh well it was all good fun.


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                Just watched the episode with the acrobat.He definitely slipped.I assume that there was no safety net.Don't think H & E would allow it now.


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                  I'm not sure whether things changed following the refurbishment a few years ago, but during its television heyday the Leeds City Varieties was notoriously cramped backstage...a sort of inside out TARDIS, with very little room for manoeuvre in the wings. Most acts performing there had little choice but to get to know each other very closely going on or didn't need to be an acrobat - more of a contortionist!