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Horror play

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  • Horror play

    Watched a play 20 to 25 years ago. Briefly the plot involved a female schoolteacher off for an Easter break being pestered by a colleague to be allowed to accompany her. Permission was refused and the woman went to a lonely cottage for the weekend. Somehow her colleague discovered where she was staying and the rest is the stuff of nightmares. Cant recall whether she got out of the situation alive but I fear not. There may have been a friend who didn't turn up.
    Any help with title would be much appreciated.

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    It sounds vaguely like Dead Romantic, a 1993 BBC2 play shown on Valentine’s Night. They go to a country cottage after he pursues her for a while but when they go to bed, things prove to be a bit disappointing and he goes mad and tries to kill her but she overpowers and kills him. Quite a nasty piece.


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      Simon36 thanks, this could well be the play I was thinking of. At least I have got something to go for now and if it isn't the one, still sounds like a good yarn.