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Childrens film foundation films and the BFI

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  • Childrens film foundation films and the BFI

    Hi all
    I'm a big fan of the Children's film foundation catalogue of films from the 1950s to the early 1980s, they used to show these films on BBC children's tv back on the late 1980s and I have great memories of watching and enjoying them.
    Titles like "The battle of billys pond", "One hour to zero" and the like.
    I've got all the official releases from the BFI but they seemed to have stopped at just the 4 volumes unfortunately, I've also got a few copies from TV recordings over the years.There is a channel on youtube with short clips of all the films made, in the comments on each film it says to contact Peter Fydler at the BFI for DVD information.
    my question is has anyone used or enquired about the service?, I can imagine the individual films may be quite expensive to purchase for private use. Just wanted to ask of anybodys experiences before I write a letter to them myself.

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    I have never contacted Peter Fydler at the BFI, but will be interested to know whether you receive a response, after you have sent a letter.

    I am also a big fan of the Children's Film Foundation, and can remember watching many CFF Films, in the 1980's, when the BBC, showed lots of them, under the title Friday Film Special.


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      They also show them frequently on Talking Pictures TV. They ran one today, "The Kid From Canada", filmed in 1956, and starring Christopher Braden, the then 13 years old son of Bernard Braden and Barbara Kelly.


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        Hi. The CFF was a good training for aspiring child actors with many also being plucked from the stage school I attended as well back then which was a good experience. Also being interested in film making it was good to see the film cameras and reel to reel audio equipment used for sound which encouraged me even more to make my own films. Nice to see the films get an airing again brining back quite a few memories. Some of my school pals left the business along with others who chose to work behind the scenes instead of in front of the camera. Its a funny old business!


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          I found these on Amazon:
          Beware of the Dog:

          Valley of the kings:

          GO, KART, GO and A HITCH IN TIME:

          One of the Amazon reviewers said:
          i write to all cff lovers, because in germany are great thrilling
          six cff-movies with english language
          for buying there in
          Five on a Treasure Island (Die Sache mit der Schatzinsel)
          Five Clues to Fortune (Geheimsache fünf)
          Valley of the Kings (Im Tal der Könige)
          Beware of the Dog (Achtung: Bissiger Hund)
          The Carringford School Mystery (Die Halskette)
          The Young Jacobites (Die jungen Jakobiter)

          I would like to see The Troublesome Double (1967) - Keith Chegwin was in it!