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Murder Most Foul - who plays the lodger

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  • Murder Most Foul - who plays the lodger

    I am embarrassed to ask this because the answer must be staring me in the face! I want to know the name of [B]the actor who plays the lodger[/B] who is caught red-handed at the beginning of [B]Murder Most Foul [/B](1964). And/or the name of the character if there is one). Time is against me (it's rarely in favour of anyone, I find) and I've burnt through imdb and [B]Aveleyman's brilliant website [/B]but cannot even find a reference to him. Did I dream the whole thing? Is the answer sadly obvious and my brain is just getting soggier ad soggier?


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    curious that there no mention of who played Harold Taylor .


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      Is the name Harold Taylor from the film or the book? I only saw the film the day before yesterday, but I don't have access to it at the moment to rewatch ... And yes, it is strange, isn't it? He was a nice looking young man with a fashionable face.


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        He is called Harold Taylor in the film:


        But who he is . . . ?
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          Name was changed , in the book [B]mrs mcgintys dead [/B]. The character was called james bentley .
          incidentally the book was published in 1952 . In the same year derek bentley alledgedly comitted murder in real life .
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            I've seen the accused's name as "Howard Taylor"?


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              Thanks AlecLeamas - very interesting! - and CliveT. Isn't it curious that the actor's apparently not mentioned? Watching the film again yesterday, I see that all his 'lines' are during the very effective credit sequence, which is when we see the whole court scene. That means we never hear his voice. (I wonder if it was actually shot as a 'proper' scene, then used as the credit sequence?)

              Surely on a site where people can recognise actors who were mostly extras and / or uncredited, somebody can find this actor's name?


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                It obviously isn't Peter Arne or Gerald Flood, but he does has a look of both of them about him!


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                  Thanks Ian Beard. Definitely a look of Peter Arne, from his pictures on Google, but he would be a little old I think (45 when filmed). I'm a little proud at having found such a fundamental mystery!


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                    My Mum has a couple of old Spotlights from 1964, I think. If I get the chance to trawl through those, I shall report back.