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This is a real long shot question

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  • This is a real long shot question

    I am contacting this site on the chance somebody here may be an archive film and London cinema buff. My husband is a specialist investigator working on a historic case. It involves
    tracking down a person who said they were watching the film 'Meatballs' at the ABC Cinema, Edgware Road in 1980. It is an important part of the investigation to know which month in 1980 that Meatballs was shown at the ABC Cinema Edgware Road. IMDB states the cult film 'Meatballs was released in the UK February 1980 but for the purpose of the investigation, we need to know which month it was shown at the ABC Cinema in Edgware Road, London. This is a huge longshot and as the ABC Cinema is now closed it remains a difficult question. Fingers crossed that a film buff may see this or knows one. Many thanks in advance.

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    There are a number of ways you could do this.You could contact the Cinema Theatre Association who would almost certainly have this information. in their could also try the London Evening Standard to arrange to view their papers for the relevant period.They used to have a listings page showing what films cinemas were playing.You could also try the BBFC,but they are less likely to have this precise information.


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      That is great information, thank you so much for taking the time to answer. Kind regards, Mag


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        This narrows it down to 'Spring' 1980:



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          Time Out - isn't there an archive at museum of London?


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              That's pretty conclusive!

              ABC Edgware Road was one I went to a fair few times, particularly around that time, as I was 16. I didn't see this film though, and I've not heard of it since then, so perhaps I was a more discerning viewer than I realised. :)


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                Interesting, and unusual request. Good luck.