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Jack the Ripper (1959)

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    [QUOTE=Stephen Pickard;n64216]the film played in the West-End at the Plaza in Piccadilly Circus. The film went on General Release on the ABC circuit on 21st September 1959 and the second feature was "Temptation Island"
    The US version had some shots that were slightly longer than the British version. The film also contained a colour insert of blood seeping through the lift floor at the climax. The film also had alternative scenes for a continental version which contained nudity.
    I was lucky to be able to visit Robert S. Baker at his home not long before his death. A really nice gentleman. I had previously mailed him some dvd's of some of his films so he was particularly appreciative of tha[/QUOTE]
    Yes, he is a nice and wonderful man. I have not been able to meet him, unfortunately, although I was hoping to meet him
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      Different versions were made for different countrie.The Japanese liked lots of blood.The Continentals liked more nudity,very sensible,and the Americans didnt like you to make fun of the church,till the end of the Code.John Trevelyan was just starting to loosen censorship in the UK.However we were very much behind other countries.