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  • imdb

    We used to have a thread re: imdb queries on the old forum. I don't think I've spotted one here.

    But to the point. This week I submitted a death date to imdb for an actor who died earlier this year. He was white-British. But at the top of his imdb page there are pictures of an African-American actor (at least I take it that's who he is). So what would be the best way to try and remedy this situation?


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    Two, or sometimes more, people can have the same name. Despite the best efforts of Equity in the UK and the SAG in the US. They both only check the listings in their own country to see if a name is already in use, and they only check recent listings. Unless the actor is known to be working in both countries. Even then, any non-actors are always credited by their real names so you might have someone who has the same name as a registered actor who does a guest appearance in a documentary or chat show. They all need to be credited in the IMDb if they’ve been credited or named in any show.

    The IMDb lists the first one to be entered with an “(I)” after their name, the second with an “(II)” and so on. The Roman numeral has no bearing on their relative importance or popularity. They are allocated purely in the order to which they are submitted to the IMDb.

    So, in your case, you’ll need to do some research to find out how many & which of the titles listed for this person were really done by the African-American actor and which were done by the white-British actor.

    You can then change one of one of the entries currently assigned for the African-American actor and change their name to the same name but with a (II) appended. That will then be the white-British actor. When that is accepted & appears in the listing you can then change the other entries for the British actor

    It can take a while but stick with it and eventually you can get them all listed correctly.

    By submitting the date of death you may well have submitted that for the African-American actor so you’ll have to correct that as well