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When did George Lazenby Break his Arm?

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  • When did George Lazenby Break his Arm?

    I’m seeking any information regarding George Lazenby breaking his arm either before or while On Her Majesty’s Secret Service was in production.

    IMDB states that Lazenby broke an arm while doing a skiing stunt for the movie, while other sources say that he was forbidden to do any actual skiing due to insurance conditions, which suggests that the injury was sustained sometime before principal photography began.

    Other sources also state that the first scene shot on location at what is now Piz Gloria in Switzerland occurred on the 21st October 1968, when Lazenby under cover as Sir Hilary arrived at Blofeld’s clinic. Bond’s coast was draped over his arm and taken by Grunther played by Yuri Borienko, because Lazenby’s arm was in a plaster cast.

    From this, I deduce that Lazenby broke his arm sometime between the beginning to middle of September.

    Any information regarding the situation gratefully accepted.