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Sussex Fortnight 1950

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  • Sussex Fortnight 1950

    Sussex Fortnight shot 1950, about a cycle holiday around the Sussex area was shown on Talking pictures recently, I can not seem to find any info on this film, Cast ,Film locations,cycle club taking part, Also the film seems as though there are parts missing,
    Anyone have any info on this please, thanks

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    There's some details here:


    Can't do direct links on this part of the forum.



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      Thanks, Euryale, Not too much to learn on there, unfortunately, I will keep trying and hopefully something will come up,
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        There’s a smidgin more on the IMDb at [URL=""][/URL]



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          So little info on this, has anyone watched this? 69 years ago, I wonder in any of them are still alive, I know the commentator Raymond Glendenning died a long time ago, quite young I believe.
          Steve, I was unable to get that link, but I have googled for info,


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            Website BFI film forever has information about this film.


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              Thanks, Derick, Still not much info found, It was a lost film, handed in by, no one seems to know, remastered, so we may never get info on this unless someone on here reads this,


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                Just watched this on Talking Pictures and disapointed that there are bits missing.

       says "A professionally-made film in which BBC Sports commentator Raymond Glendenning tours Sussex on a Penny Farthing bicycle, stopping at places of local interest including Arundel Castle, the beach at Littlehampton and the racecourses at Fontwell Park and Goodwood. The film has an accompanying music and commentary soundtrack." and that it is 30m 45s long.

                As the Talking Pictures version is about 17m long I assume Talking Pictures have cut parts out for some reason. Even their own write up says it includes a trip to a horse show and ends with The Goodwood Cup. These, along with the trip to Fontwell racecourse, are not included. I think Talking Pictures need to change their write up of the film.


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                  John, Might be worth contacting talking pictures and asking why so much of the film is missing?