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  • Waxworks?

    Anyone here know of any films that are set in a waxworks? I'm interested in the idea of someone being spooked by the wax figures and the fact that they could come to life at anytime.
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    To keep it British, I'll offer "Shanghai Knights", as it offers a scene in a Victorian era Madame Tussauds display. Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson taking on Donnie Yen (and the various fall guys of the Jackie Chan Stunt Team). Set in London, but filmed in Prague, if I recall.


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      "Wanted for Murder" features a visit to Madame Tussaud's by Eric Portman.


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        The House that dripped blood has a waxwork episode while of course you have the more well known films Mystery of the wax museum, House of wax, Chamber of horrors and Waxworks with Conrad Veidt. Then A & C meet Frankenstein and possibly hundreds more.


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          Sure, if you include Americans, then Vincent Price has to be the brightest candle-dipper of them all. Does that mean that Carry On Screaming has a waxworks? I just remember Kenneth Williams shouting "Frying Tonight!"

          There is also that Beat movie, Buckets of Blood, for a chuckle.
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            Does anyone know any movies where the wax figures come alive and begin roaming around in search of fresh blood?


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              Maybe you are thinking of something you saw on House of Commons TV. Live from Westminster, the Question Time uprising.

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            From the USA there was Waxwork from 1988

            A wax museum owner uses his horror exhibits to unleash evil on the world.