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    The two desperate lovers in the film '21 Days' (shot in 1937) go day-tripping on a Thames paddle steamer named 'Royal Eagle' from the pier at Tower Bridge to the 'Kursaal'amusement place at Southend-on-Sea before returning for the dramatic court case.

    I'm now watching a doco on TV which says a Thames paddle steamer named 'Crested Eagle' was attempting to rescue 600 troops from the pier at Dunkirk on the 28th May 1940 but it was attacked, burnt and its hull half-buried in the sands.

    I'm guessing there was a fleet of paddle steamers on the Thames in those days.

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    The General Steam Navigation Company provided pleasure cruises on the Thames until 1966 with ships such as Royal Daffodil, Royal Sovereign and Queen of the Channel. These, however were propeller driven diesel ships. Royal Daffodil went to Dunkirk, the other two were built post-war.


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      [QUOTE=Odeonman;n9214]The General Steam Navigation Company ...[/QUOTE]

      Ah, thank you. I went and googled and it seems there were quite a few fine ships named Eagle.


      I was wondering if the 'Crested Eagle' which was attacked with so much loss of life on the beach at Dunkirk might have been the basis of those scenes in the movie where Harry Styles and the others were trapped inside a metal hull. This page describes it as a wooden ship.



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        There is one in lean's Great Expectations :)


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          [QUOTE=zabadak;n9264]There is one in lean's Great Expectations :)[/QUOTE]

          Yes, that's one of my favourite scenes in one of my favourite movies. Pip and Herbert want to get Magwitch on a German ship heading for Hamburg.