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Fire Maidens From Outer Space

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  • Fire Maidens From Outer Space

    I know it's been mentioned on here a couple of times in the past but just wondered if anyone is particularly familiar with this film and all its glorious cock ups and continuity errors etc. I think you would need to be to answer my query!

    I understand there is one scene on the 13th Moon of Jupiter (aka a field in England) in which a car can be observed driving past. Is this perhaps apocryphal, some sort of urban myth that has caught on because it is an entirely believable possibility in the context of the myriad failings in the film?

    Or did it happen and has perhaps been edited from some versions (I saw a recording from TV)? I am so busy at the moment, not only have I watched the film, I've scanned through it again and cannot see it.

    Appreciate this is quite a specific question but would be interested in any info and, if it did happen, which part of the film.