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IMDB writes: Actor performing a part, (as herself)

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  • IMDB writes: Actor performing a part, (as herself)

    Something in the IMDB cast list has puzzeled me for a long time, hope someone here will enlighten me:

    I take this example from the movie about french singer Serge Gainsbourg,


    In the cast it says:

    Dinara Drukarova, Olga Ginsburg (la mère), (as Dinara Droukarova)

    It is the last part, in brackets, that I don't quite get: (as Dinara Droukarova)

    It confuses me, what is Dinara supposed to be playing, the mother Olga or is she playing herself?
    Obviously not the latter, so why write the bracketed passage?

    Cheers, Finn Hammer, Denmark

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    It means that the person's real name (or name they are most popularly known as, e.g. Burt Lancaster whose real forename was Burton) is Dinara Drukarova, Olga Ginsburg (la mère), but in the film's credits they are named as Dinara Droukarova. You'll be surprised how many film/TV credits misspell a person's name. Also, some people change their name or spelling (e.g. dropping an 'e' at end of surname) some time in their career.


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      Thank you very much. I admit, I totally missed the difference in spelling of the two instances of her name.

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    Yes, the "as" means "credited as" - in other words, that's how their name was spelled in the credits. It may be a trivial mis-spelling or it may be a former name: for example, Samantha Womack (married name) used to be credited as Samantha Janus (her birth name) until she got married.


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      Exactly, two good examples are Shane (1953) where Jack Palance is in the IMDB cast appearing as Walter Jack Palance , likewise Charles Bronson in Vera Cruz (1954) appearing as Charles Buchinsky.


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        There are more variations as you get lower in the credits. Big stars get their name spelled right, but lesser mortals just get checked once and thrown onto the list. See how many variations Renée Glynne has bad in her career as Continuity/Script Supervisor;

        [quote][B]Alternate Names:[/B]

        Renée Galler | Renee Glynn | Rene Glynn | Renée Glynn | Renee Glynne | Rene Glynne | Reneé Glynne[/quote]


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          Likewise Alf Tramontin / Tromontin / Tromonton / Tramontyn etc etc, the steadicam operator.

          I wonder if the advert of IMDB and other similar definitive databases has reduced the number of variants of a person's name in situations where it is read aloud to the person preparing the credits or the handwriting is bad.
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