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Good and bad at sport. I can't find it...

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  • Good and bad at sport. I can't find it...

    [SIZE=16px]Hi all.

    In the mid 80s I saw a film called Good and Bad at Sport. I can remember the main actor but can't recall his name.
    It had a lot of very young actors who have paved paths but I cannot remember who they were.
    It was about a school,a college maybe and it was about bullying and it made quite an impact.
    Any ideas please?

    On the plus side I found Dutch Girls (1985) this morning with Timothy Spall. Same era and I watched both films close to each other.

    Many thanks. [/SIZE]

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    Hi Amber. It's called Good and Bad at Games. Here's a link to its listing in the Internet Movie Database:
    Directed by Jack Gold. With Martyn Stanbridge, Anton Lesser, Laura Davenport, Dominic Jephcott. Ten years after leaving school, Cox, bullied and constantly humiliated in his schooldays, seeks out his former classmates in order to be revenged.


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      [QUOTE=Shirley Brahms;n926
      [FONT=Verdana][SIZE=16px]Thanks very much Shirley !! That has been bugging me for a while....:)[/SIZE][/FONT]


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        [FONT=Verdana][SIZE=18px]It's only on You Tube... Thanks again.[/SIZE][/FONT]


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          And Anton Lesser was the actor I remembered but forgot. Nice one.


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            You can get a copy on this site: [URL][/URL]. It will be a CD-R of an off-air TV broadcast. I've bought from them myself, it's a friendly one-man operation, never had any problems.


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              It's on Youtube. I remember watching it and scrolling through the scenes to try and find Guy Standeven (who is in it somewhere) but couldn't find him.