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A Beautiful Mind: Psychological Thriller?

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  • A Beautiful Mind: Psychological Thriller?

    I'm studying the film 'A Beautiful Mind', directed by Ron Howard. Do you think this could be classed a psychological thriller?

    If not, what genre do you think it would be classed as?


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    Despite it starring New Zealander Russell Crowe it's usually classified as an American film. This is the BRITMovie site about British films

    "A Beautiful Mind" is usually classified (e.g. by the IMDb) as a biographical drama



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      I wouldn't class this film as a thriller at all. It is entirely predictable. Anyone can tell beforehand it will be an unwatchably schmaltzy tear-jerker.


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        I don't watch trailers and avoid the interviews and clips to promote new movies. When I settled down to watch this I only knew it featured Russel Crowe and was set in the 1940s. I was drawn along by an intriguing storyline and was both thrilled and moved. It did not go as I expected. "entirely predictable"? Only if you've heard about it already


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          ^ I watch the trailers and the interviews before I decide to see a movie at a picture theatre because buying a movie ticket now costs the same as a restaurant meal— and there are so many abysmal movies being shown nowadays.

          Sometimes a friend has invited me to see a movie which I haven't investigated but only once have I been surprised at anything unexpected in the plot.


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            Originally posted by jamal.nazreddin View Post
            only once have I been surprised at anything unexpected in the plot.
            That's really sad. I think that you have missed out on a lot of special moments that you can never have again. But yes, the cost makes it prudent to research beforehand. Even watching a movie on TV demands that you sacrifice some time that could be spent doing something else, you really want to know that it will be worthwhile.