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  • Spencer......

    I did got to see this film after all (I had reservations it wouldn't do justice to Princess Diana, but it did)

    Kristen Stewart is faultless in her performance, didn't slip-up once with the accent or mannerisms, she certainly deserves an award for her portrayal.......

    It's a little offbeat in parts, dream sequences, flashbacks to childhood, and Ann Boleyn giving Diana 'advice'........

    Other than a few lines from the Queen and Prince Charles, none of the other members of the Royal family had any lines to speak (except Princess Margaret on the sit-down weighing scale, saying half of it is jewellery)

    Schloss Nordkirchen in Germany stood in for Sandringham, bit of a strange choice really, there isn't the slightest similarity in appearance, from what I can gather, interiors were filmed there also, I did notice the very large portraits of former Monarchs on the walls, so I guess they employed a painter to paint them, unless they did have permission to film inside Sandringham.

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