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The Hour of 13 (MGM British, 1952).

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  • The Hour of 13 (MGM British, 1952).

    I recently acquired the original British Front of House set for this film, a film I had never seen and that was made at MGM British studios with an all star British cast, and it looked so interesting that I ordered the Warner Archive DVD of the film off an amazon market place seller and it arrived yesterday. I played it last night and it really is a gripping and superbly made crime drama.

    The heist at an 1890 high society ball is flawlessly executed, and the Calgurie Emerald that adorned the neck of Mrs. Chumley Orr rests in the pocket of clever gentleman thief Nicholas Revel (Peter Lawford). But something else happens that night that even Revel couldn't have foreseen. Escaping the house through a window, Revel stumbles across the body of a uniformed policeman, the latest victim of a serial killer known only as ‘The Terror’ who has already murdered a string of London constables while they were walking their beat. The crime convinces the police that the thief and the killer are one and the same, so Scotland Yard turns its attention to Revel and his confederates in crime. Revel must use his ingenuity to capture the killer himself and clear his own name.

    Adding to the appeal of this gaslit-London period mystery (based on a book by venerable thriller writer Philip MacDonald) are Dawn Addams; Roland Culver; Michael Hordern; Derek Bond; Colin Gordon (without glasses or telephone); Leslie Dwyer; Michael Goodliffe and other estimable British talents. The climax, where Revel, dressed as a policeman, successfully baits the killer (Richard Shaw), is very action packed and well filmed. Highly recommended.

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    'Colin Gordon - without glasses or telephone'


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      Originally posted by Bert Quark View Post
      'Colin Gordon - without glasses or telephone'
      Yes, an unusual event in his film roles.


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        Producer Hayes Goetz was the studio manager's son.