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New Ridley Scott Brit Movie In Production

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  • New Ridley Scott Brit Movie In Production

    Putting Suffolk on the map, perhaps.

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    Excellent. I am a huge admirer of Ridley Scott, all his films are something to look forward to, even the ones that don't quite work


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      Yes me too, I do enjoy Ridley Scott's films more than those of his late brother Tony. The last film I watched from Tony Scott was 'Unstoppable', and I only watched it because Denzel Washington was in it - an actor I've always admired.

      For me, Ridley makes more memorable and "classy" films (if I can put it like that), whilst Tony tended to make more popcorn movies in my opinion.


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        Worked his way up through commercials, and TV his early TV work always had an edge to it I thought.
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