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'The Weaker Sex' 1948

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  • 'The Weaker Sex' 1948

    This is the first time I've seen this Paul Soskin film available to view. The BFI look to have recently added a number of films to the site.

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    Geo-blocked for Australia, but lucky I already have my own copy. Always fascinated by the variation in acting skills - the smoothness of Ursula Jeans, Cecil Parker and Thora Hird compared to the melodramatic and what appears to be overacting of Joan Hopkins as Helen Dacre.

    When I first saw it was pleasantly surprised with the appearance of Digby Wolfe who I remembered from hosting a Saturday TV variety show here in Australia in the 60s, called Revue 61

    And always get the name confused with The Gentle Sex, another wartime home front favourite about women MT drivers (the female answer to The Way Ahead)