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She Didn't Say No (1958)

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  • She Didn't Say No (1958)

    I was wondering what the release history was for this film - was it truly ever 'banned?

    What the chances of a release - it's surely a candidate for dvd given its notoriety.

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    It was released on the ABC circuit in December, 1958, supported by Guy Madison and Rhonda Fleming in "Bullwhip".

    I've just read the synopsis for the film in Picture Show and I can't see anything in it that appears notorious.
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      It was the seven children by six different fathers while unmarried aspect - I think it may only have been banned in The Republic.


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        I don’t think anyone would be concerned about something like that these days. It was a different world even when I was born nearly 71 years ago. At that time, they were still putting unmarried mothers in mental asylums for the social ’crime’ of having a baby out of wedlock. It sounds crazy now, but it used to happen.