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Help with low level talk on British films

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  • Help with low level talk on British films

    Hi everybody - I need your help a bit.

    Later this term I have to do a presentation / talk on British films. Mainly it'll be to publicise the school's film club but it should also stand alone as a presentation. I just need to go through the history of British films in very very broad brushstrokes. Could I ask you to think of maybe four or five MUST MENTIONchronological points or four or five MUST MENTION directors , or styles, or studios etc?

    What would you HAVE to include for a primer on British film?
    1. Nothing pre world war two
    2. P&P and Ealing
    3. Kitchen Sink and Swinging London
    4. Hammer.
    5. carry on
    6. Ken Loach vs. Richard Curtess

    How's that? I know you can do better.

    Just looking for ideas.

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    Originally posted by Seaton View Post
    1. Nothing pre world war two
    You've lost me there.


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      Yes, surely you need at least a sentence that explains there were movies made here before WW2, some rather good ones too.

      Other ideas;
      British Crime Thrillers and Gangster movies - from Brighton Rock to Quadrophenia. From The Blue Lamp to The Long Good Friday. British films that are admired around the world.
      British Film as the training ground for Hollywood studios. Directors, Crew and Actors, getting their first screen time in British film, then progressing to Hollywood and becoming world famous.
      British studios and the American blockbusters that were made here. Superman, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, etc. Bond Movies.


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        Try to get hold of David Quinlan's British Films 1928-1959 History of British Films That should help you..


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          Yes, sorry: that was a joke about WW2. I was originally going to write:
          1. Nothing before ww2
          2. Slow build up to "Dracula has Risen from the Grave"
          3. Carry On Films
          4. Decline and death of the UK indudtry, and Richard Curtess.

          The original number one stayed in. Sorry narabdela and others- it borders offensive if taken seriously.

          What I mean is, it's easy to talk British movies in the 60s, for example, and Ealing and Hammer. The rest is less "sound-bitey" for a 50 minute entryt level talk.

          All responses are appreciated. Thanks casiidy and Stoneageman. All being taken on board


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            Phew! Thanks for the clarification.