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Lunch Hour (1961)

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  • Lunch Hour (1961)

    I watched this film recently in which the last third of the story takes an unexpected twist. It was clearly originally written for the stage, and I was wondering if anyone had seen it performed as a play?

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    Never saw it as a play, but the film is intriguing. I actually bought the BFI Bluray disc for the extras - three of James Hill's shorts which went on to be used as Trade Test films.


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      I've never heard of this. I certainly don't remember it being given a release in 1961. Certainly not an ABC or Rank release. In fact, the IMDb doesn't even have a release date for it.


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        I've never seen the play performed, but I have read the script. It's in Mortimer's collected plays and available in acting editions.


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          Matthew field says of the film "Due to its length – only 63 minutes – Lunch Hour only received a limited release. Not only was it too short for an A or B feature its content wasn’t for the mainstream either."
          Apparently the play originally featured Wendy Craig in the female role, a woman who Mortimer had an affair with. Indeed she bore a son by him.
          There was a TV version called Kings Cross Lunch Hour with Pauline Collins and also a radio play.


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            Just found this revealing interview with Shirley Anne Field about John Mortimer and the filming of Lunch Hour.

            Tom Hiddleston on Thor and Shirley Henderson on women and the Wild West.


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              This was the sort of charming little film about the innocence of true young love that couldn't have made today without copious love scenes to lure the 'punters' in.It was also the kind of film that no-one ever sees unless, you scour the TV listings for obscure items and curios that had typically shown in the initial hours of the morning, when the sort of innocent people that were portrayed in this film (if they still exist) have tucked up in bed and have been asleep for a good few hours.