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'Signed with Their Honour' Paul Soskin

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  • 'Signed with Their Honour' Paul Soskin

    I'm always astounded when new gem of information pops up - but in this article is the only crew list I've ever found of 'Signed with their Honour.'

    Paul Soskin is standing 4th left in the photo and Osmond Borradaile 7th.

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    I'm confused by Wiki.


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      Three companies were interested in buying rights for he book. Paul Soskin started making it, then things got complicated.

      Soskin/Rank took advantage of the lull in combat operations to film the 'Soskin Squadon's' aerial sequence. Once this was in the can the not so small matter of putting the rest of the project had to be completed.

      Soskin went to the US to look for stars for the project, also possible US background filming. While in the US he did a lot of PR work for Rank. By the time he got home, enthusiasm for the project had died
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