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Murder on the Orient Express

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  • Murder on the Orient Express

    This newest version, with Kenneth Brannagh, how well did this version do in the cinema's ? I, for one, did not enjoy this version.

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    According to BoxOffice Mojo, the film was budgetted at $55m, and took $102m in the US. Since overseas box office was about $244m, thats a decent return, and its one which will probably be repeated on Sunday evenings for many a year, like any other Christie. We had a discussion about the film a while back, and whatever people might think of it, it did pretty well. And at some point, someone is going to make yet another version of it....


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      I thought the original was far better.This was poor entertainment as far as I was concerned.Anyway I remembered very early on who the killer was


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        I thought the original was far better
        Maybe, but it took 40 years from the publication of the book to the first 1974 film, but then there was another (TV) film version in 2001, plus a 2010 TV adaption for the Poirot series. And now this one. They will remake it again, and everyone will get to decide which one they like.