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  • Temptation Harbour

    This is now available on the BFI player for rent.Why no dvd release.Last seen at NFT over 30 years ago

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    Many thanks for letting us know about this Orpheum. I've wanted to see this for years, and the film doesn't disappoint. I missed the NFT screenings. I would urge other members to check this out. Now if only we could find Lance Comfort's Squadron Leader X (1942) and Escape To Danger (1943) !.


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      Originally posted by oddbodjunior View Post
      Now if only we coul d find Lance Comfort's Squadron Leader X (1942).
      I've been looking for Squadron Leader X (1943) for years, based on a story by the great Emeric Pressburger

      I found the story in Picture Show; February 27th, 1943

      It sounds like a great story



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        Thanks for letting us know; I saw Temptation Harbour a few years ago in Folkestone - where some of it was shot - when they had a special showing. It was supposed to come out at the time on DVD from Studio Canal, but never did, and when I wrote to the company to ask they never had the courtesy to reply. I think I'll pay the £3.50 to watch it again.


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          I just watched it.Great film but had real problems with BFI player.Film wouldn't play on my PC and was stopping every 5 minutes on my tablet.Anyone else had this problem?