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Unprecedented success of 'Carry on Nurse" in the USA

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  • Unprecedented success of 'Carry on Nurse" in the USA

    I'm researching the promotion of a certain low-budget British movie in the USA during late 1960 to 1961. The film I'm researching did quite well, but wherever I look, from town to town, city to city 'Carry on Nurse' is there already and doing very well indeed.

    Are there any articles or published research on this phenomenally success?

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    There are various Carry On books, although I don't know if this American success was analysed in any way.


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      There is no boxoffice figures on IMDB, although it does list the US distributor. The Wiki quotes $1.5m in boxoffice in the US, but thats from a newspaper article, so who knows how accurate that is.

      The film might have done relatively well, but you'd have to drill down to the number of screens, the amount spend on promotion, etc, plus of course what else was around at the time.

      It would be interesting to see the US take for 'The Mummy', also released in 1959, and although almost double the Carry On budget and in colour, its box office must have been very good.


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        Having had a quick look at the trade press - in February 1962 it had grossed $2,000,000 in the US, which was past its peak, but it continued to be shown at major venues through to 1965.

        'The Mummy' certainly did well in first release but it hardly gets a mention after spring 1960 - I can't find any grosses mentioned.
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          Carry on nurse did very well, when it was released in America. No doubt, the filmmkers thought that the U.S. market would be very profitable with future carry on films. Unfortunately, that did not happen. One actor, Wifred Hyde White, who was in Carry on nurse, did star in several American made films. One such film, Ada, starring Susan Hayward and Dean Martin.


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            Arrived in this town March 26th, 1961 for 4 nights.
            Returned at the drive-in October 1st for two nights double billed with Inn of the Sixth Happiness


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              Returned at the drive-in October 1st for two nights double billed with Inn of the Sixth Happiness
              Thats a very strange double bill!


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                One they didn't think of - Carry On Chow Mein.


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                  Here is a typical press comment from the time:

                  'NURSE'S' DENVER RECORD

                  Denver, Aug. 30., 1960

                  A new longrun record for a film not shown at advanced prices was set In Denver by "Carry On Nurse" (Gov.), the British comedy, as it went into its fourth month of continuous run at the Fox Esquire

                  The 600-seater opened the pic May 19 for a $4,000 gross that week and has held an average of this figure ever since. Admission is $1, the house's regular price.


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                    I remember my mother talking about about that movie. She thought it was a riot. I think what it had going for it was the hospital setting and the racy humor was beyond what you would see in an American movie at the time.


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                      From memory Kenneth Easthaugh's THE CARRY ON BOOK has a page or two on NURSE's American success - though I suspect it's also covered in the more recent books too.


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                        Originally posted by Eric7885 View Post
                        ...Wifred Hyde White....

                        Elementary mistake, which should mean the ceremonial removal of your BritMovie epaulettes...