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'The Dambusters' Starring Dan Snow

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    Originally posted by Bonekicker View Post
    Bert, if not Dan Snow, then who? Who is so utterly worthy in your eyes to present this event? Remember it's a public event, and the person has to actually talk to an audience. Answers on a postcard.

    Bonekicker I am not against anybody hosting a show on a subject that they are passionate/expert about etc. Portillo likes his trains..William G Stewart liked his Elgin Marbles...Patricia Cornwell is intrigued by Jack the Ripper etc all (it seemed.) tediously and passionately researched.. It's the Dambusters 'STARRING' Dan Snow.. that gets me.

    I find this exploitation of a historical event where all the hard work,bravery and sacrifices were done by somebody else.As we know the Dambusters history is well known and been well covered over the years, so research for this project must have been a walk in the park for Mr Snow's minions. So it just seems to me a bit on a cynical journalist hack project in order to raise a relatively unknown media profile.
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      He's well-known as a serious historian specialising in military subjects, on his own or with his father.

      There's an unfortunate tendency to "sex-up" programmes with the presenter's name - blah with Carol Vorderman, John Sergeant presents, Jeremy Clarkson's drive-l, etc etc. For instance, Jeremy Clarkson's The Greatest Raid of All Time about the St Nazaire attack was actually very interesting.



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        I just looked at that Dambusters 'event'. Firstly, its 'The Dambusters with Dan Snow, not starring.

        Next, it's very much aimed at a general audience. You get relatives talking about their family exploits ('Uncle Frank was very brave'), former 617 members (Could be interesting, but probably will be along the lines of 'we are all very proud and inspired'), plus a 'bouncing bomb experiment (?).

        You also get a 'renowned historian who seems to have mostly written naval stuff for the last 30 years, but has done some aviation stuff, including a 100 years of the RAF book this year. But he isn't really an expert on Bomber Command or the raid. If the organisers wanted someone to really talk about the raid, there are enough books about it to keep them going for a while (It's a fairly major industry).

        And you get the Glenn Miller band, who ironically was almost certainly killed by Bomber Command.
        And then a full screen viewing of the film.

        And that's fine. I perfectly agree that bunging in a well known name to sell a TV programme is really annoying (although still not as annoying as secret,mystery, hidden, etc, and don't even start on the 'plane that saved britain), but this is a commercial event, and it puts bums on seats. I strongly suspect someone came up the idea first, and then thought 'We need a well known name to front It's.

        Frankly, it's not that big a deal, and hope people have a good night out. It supports the RAF Benelovent Fund, so it's in a good cause.


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          THE DAM BUSTERS was filmed 'open matte' at 1.37 but always intended for cinema presentation at 1.75.

          When Studiocanal announced that the film was being released on DVD and Blu-ray, it was discovered that it wss going to be just in 1.37 ratio. As you may have read on some DVD forums, this produced quite a strong response from film fans. Studiocanal have now relented and are releasing the movie in both 1.37 and 1.75 formats.

          However it still remained unclear in which format the cinema presentation was going to be shown this Thursday. I wrote to Odeon explaining this controversy and asked them in which ratio it would be. They have replied and said it will be in 1.75, which is excellent news.

          I have booked to see the show this Thursday at my local Odeon. The first part is the presentation by Dan Snow streamed live from the Albert Hall. Then after a short intermission the restored film is being shown, presumably just as per a normal film from their copy of the DCP.

          I shall look forward to it. When booking, I could see that it is going to be a fairly full attendance, Great.

          Here's the new trailer, perchance anyone has not seen it.

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            Originally posted by narabdela View Post

            If you don't like him, why not just say so. He's a perfectly competent presenter who knows his subject. Where's the problem?

            This thread seems to have a rather negative vibe.
            Yes, I can understand every word he says, but I won't say I dislike him, just indifferent.......

            Not because he married 'posh', but because he said he 'respects' his fellow broadcasters, etc; who flatly refuse to wear a poppy (I don't.....)

            As for Michael Portillo, people who refuse to watch his railway/travel programmes solely because he is a 'Tory', are missing out on a lot of interesting history and locations........


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              We got this far, but someone has to ask, will they have made any edits for contemporary sensitivities? As I understand it, the "remake" of The Dambusters was green lit in Hollywood a while ago... if they could find a way to change the dog's name.


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                They could dub n the name Nigel instead


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                  I suspect they can't be bothered to change the name - and considering that it's a film of its time, it's no biggie, in the grand scheme of things.

                  The idea that a 'remake ( which in reality would be no more a remake that the recent Dunkirk was a remake of the Ealing film - there are a zillion books on the Dambusters) wouldn't be green light because of a dogs name is something that only exists in the minds of Daily Mail editors.

                  Simply don't mention the dog at all, or just show it long shot - job done. The only reason it's in the 1955 film is to tug the emotional heart strings while it waits for it's master, tragically dies, etc.

                  There is a much simpler reason we haven't seen the film yet - nobody wants to make it. There isnt even much evidence to suggest it was greenlit, although there was press releases. But announcements of films to be made that then vanish is a regular in the film industry. There was a film announced back in the day at Cannes with named the stars and the director. And then got announced again at the next Cannes, and so on, with actors director and even title all changing. It eventually got made, but loads don't.

                  I remember Flypast having a photo of a wreck of an AEC Matador having been delivered to NZ, but then that was it.

                  It would be a CGI heavy film about people who wouldn't be Americans (Actually, there was an American, Joe McCarthy on the raid), and would have not much international appeal.David Putnam apparently planned a film about Bomber Command (which his dad had served with). In the end, it appeared as Memphis Belle. That's the way it is.

                  I am sure the execs sat while Jackson pitched it and said 'that's very interesting, but could you do us another Lord of the Rings film? How about The Hobbit?' Because that's megabucks. Frankly, they'd be happy with a Hobbit film based on Tolkiens shopping lists for 1955 - people would watch it. Jackson made films about Hobbits instead of Lancasters, and they made a lot of money.

                  Doesn't mean that there won't be a Dambusters film. Lucas started planning a film about the Tuskegee airmen in 1988, and it finally got made in 2009 - and that's George Lucas. On the other hand, the film cost $58m and took $50m at the US box office, so there you are - that's how well films about WW2 airmen do. Hence the probable lack of a future Dambusyers film.
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                    The one scene missing from that YouTube clip about the dog, was the climax scene where his name was the codeword for a successful raid.. a very prominent moment as all the sweaty-browed boffins gathered in the Ops room imagining the events taking place across the channel. The tension is raised and the silence is deafening. Finally the wireless operator starts to receive the message and breaks the news to Barnes Wallis and the generals "It's Nigger, Sir!". Big scene. Big moment. Teensy weensy bit uncomfortable seen through modern eyes.

                    I thought everything in BoneKicker's post was spot-on.